This website has been constructed to give insight in the foundations of human life. Fundamental conditions that make us human are explained and the effect they have on us. The website reads as a book and the pages have a logical order.

It is easy to resist or ignore something you don’t understand, but what if you don’t understand yourself?

While reading you will most likely have to deal with cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a term used within psychology to describe mental tension (stress), or discomfort, that is experienced by an individual, who has two or more conflicting beliefs, ideas, norms, or values. Such a reaction can occur when the person is confronted with new information that conflicts with his current worldview. If the contradiction is not reduced by a change in his or her belief, this can result in misunderstanding, rejection or rebuttal of the new information, seeking support from people who share their beliefs or by trying to convince other people, as a means to restore the harmony.[1][2]

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